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Let's talk about your project

We need to make a selection, to give the best chance and the best impuls to who is ready to go, ready to launch. It’s important for us that our studend have implications, already a strong idear, and reaydy to build it.

You are going to share your advance, help each other… We are going to make online classs, lives… And we need to have consistant and implication.


With Im Nomade Agency, we have notice that’s some projects are not abble to success. Not about the idear, but just because the creator is not ready for it.

We are going to give to you some questions, and if you can make a video and send it to us, that’s will be your first work at home πŸ™‚

Note : We will reply by email on 72 hours πŸ˜‰

We are going to ask for you to make a video, for answer of some questions about your project. It’s really the most important step, to join the class. Again, it’s not a question for us to say if the project is good or not, but just to feel if you are ready to invest time on it.

  1. Can you share some words to explain your project?
  2. Is that something you are thinking for long time ago?
  3. AreΒ  you ready to invest some hours per week on it?
  4. Do you already have some idears for the name, the logo… The branding?
  5. Have you already take around you about this project?
  6. Do you have a amount of money to link at this project? (Even if it’s few hundreds of euros)
  7. Do you have already a little network, or some contacts?
  8. Have you a launching date in mind?

To help you on this exercice, we have made a little video, you can follow the same path if you need to πŸ˜‰