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The power of sustainable marketing is not only in improving the world, but you can also get more profit from your business. With this manual, you can make a difference in a world full of greenwashing companies.

We can no longer ignore the fact that sustainable, whole organic food, eco-friendly and recycled materials are a trend. What’s a good thing! Only there are companies that abuse it quite a bit. Take Adidas as an example, they have placed a floating PLASTIC tennis court in the middle of the ocean with the aim of dumping less plastic into the ocean… We could go on and on with companies that abuse “nature-friendly” products and or services, or greenwashing, as we call it. Greenwashing is nothing more than a disgusting marketing campaign that makes consumers think they are buying from a company that “really” cares about our planet.

It has been proven that consumers will buy from a company 63% faster with a purpose-driven marketing plan. So let’s create a marketing plan together for your company without using greenwashing.

Baby steps

Nobody becomes a sustainable expert overnight. So just like a baby learns to walk, small steps. Write your vision of sustainability within your company on your home, about, blog, social media pages or rewrite your marketing plan. What goals do you have? How will you achieve these goals? How can you use these goals to interact with your followers?

By writing down your vision and goals you make them real, and you also see where there is space for can improvement. Also acknowledge this to the outside world. People love to see that others aren’t perfect either, but they want to strive for it.

Financial, Environmental, Consumer-oriented

Financial, Environmental, Consumer-oriented are the elements for a successful (sustainable) marketing plan. Let’s run through them in a breakdown.

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All good and nice that sustainable marketing, but in the end of the day you need to have food on the table. With sustainable marketing, you think in long term value. Would you like to send your products in bamboo packaging instead of plastic? Do research on the costs and calculate this in your shipping costs.

If you do not have the money for more sustainable shipping material, purchasing products, etc. and you do not want to borrow money. BECAUSE TAKING A LOAN COSTS MONEY. Do a pre-sale, not only does the consumer feel special because he/she is the first to your new collection. For example, you only have to buy the products, and you can buy the shipping material when you have received the money from the pre-sale.

Coming back to a loan for your business, we understand that if you want to open a store or buy a storage space, you have no option but to take a loan from the bank. Try to keep the loan as low as possible and make it your priority to pay it off, as soon as money starts to roll.


Every step you take within your company carefully consider whether it has a positive or negative effect on the environment. Take, for example, public or bicycle transport to a meeting or office, plastic-free shipping material and so on.


It might help to research what other companies in your industry are doing, maybe meet up and exchange ideas. Seeing each other as competitors is so out of fashion.


Traditional marketing mainly involves pushing a product on to the consumer. But with Consumer-oriented marketing, it is precisely about the pain point of your consumer, and you build your strategy around this problem.


You are their problem solver.


If you don’t know exactly the pain point of your customers, use the power of social media. Ask about it through a poll, video, or tweet about it. Whatever social media platform you have, chosen.

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Consumers will buy from a company 63% faster with a purpose-driven marketing plan

Why is sustainable marketing so important?

As we said, we can no longer ignore the Sustainability trend, however, this does not mean that it is just a trend. We don’t have to tell you that every step we take towards a better world is better. If all this sounds too overwhelming for you, go back to our first step, baby steps. Starting a business is already a huge step, and we are so proud of how far you have come!

Nomade Academy offers various courses in which we will help you create a marketing plan that suits you, with of course a nod to sustainable living.

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