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Meet the team behind Nomade Academy

We believe in
our vision

Nomade Academy

Free yourself from the 9-5 mentality

Nomade Academy

Making the world a bit greener through sustainable marketing

Nomade Academy

Taking a step back is also growing

Nomade Academy

Become a master of your purpose and passion

We go for personal and business growth

Together with the Nomad academy team, we teach our students how to present their company online with confidence and also actually convert users into customers. Via modules, worksheets, and the option to do our course live with our instructor Maxime, you build profitable income streams on top of it all. With the end result that you have more time for your passion, family, and travels.


Our teaching approach comes from experience. With your instructors Iris van Steeg (Art director & marketing expert) and Maxime Lelievre (website designer & developer), they teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to have an income online through your website.

Nomade Academy
Nomade Academy

Who are the

Maxime Lelievre

Maxime is the head instructor of Nomade Academy, he will guide you during the live course. Max has more than 5 years of experience in creating websites and therefore knows how to build a website with a simple strategy that converts users into dream customers.

Iris Van Steeg

Meet Iris, our Art director from Nomad academy. She mainly works behind the scenes on your worksheets, content, newsletters and makes sure you get the best up-to-date materials for your online success to freedom!

Fun facts about us

Nomade Academy

On rainy days, we like to play old-fashioned computer games. Like age of Empires, or Rollercoaster tycoon.

Nomade Academy

Our favorite cuisine is Asian food, like Japanese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese

Nomade Academy

We are living for more than a year in our self converted van Maki traveling trough EU

Nomade Academy

We prefer to be close to water, although we love a cool dive, we are terrified of open waters.

Our journey to remotely work from anywhere in the world.

We, too, had our hands in our hair, not knowing how to make our dream as full-time travelers come true. We hadn’t won a jackpot or 20k in the bank, we only had the money to buy a one-way ticket to Bali. It quickly became clear to Max that he was going to make websites for French ex-pats in Portugal, but it was difficult for Iris to find a job. Iris also insisted that she preferred to work for a company and wanted stability. This did not exist at the time, and Iris decided to do graphic design and website design.


The first months were tough, we were in Bali, and because of the time difference with the EU, we sometimes had to work more than 10 hours a day at the strangest times. We were so afraid of being rejected by our clients that we took any price and job. Yes, we did an E-shop website + complete brand design for €400.


We soon learned that we were worth more and that we only wanted to work with customers who saw our quality. This is the most important lesson we have learned in our journey to freedom.

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