How to work remotely…

Escape the 9-5 mentality! Do you want more freedom in your life? To travel the world and earn money from anywhere? Isn’t your job giving you the purpose in life you need? Then now is the time to level up!

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Learn to work remotely

Discover the online course that suits your purpose.

The global Manual

As a remote worker, it is important to be unique in the market, and how can you do that better with a strong brand identity and online marketing plan. And don't forget, your own developed website that attract dream clients.

Marketing & brand purpose

Learn how to sell yourself, your services, and/or products in the online world, with your unique and strong brand identity. And all this without having to spend thousands of euros on an agency!

Build your website

The basis for every remote worker is a website. Become the webmaster of your own website within this course, without using complicated codes. Are you ready to make a website that sells?

This online academy might suit you if you are ready for…

You would like to earn money online, but you don't know how/where to start.

Starting an online business is intimidating, so we’ll guide you in EVERYTHING you need to know step-by-step.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world

You are done with your 9-5 job, which offers you no purpose in your current life. Your bags are packed and ready to go to make the journey of your life!

To level up your online skills

You are ready for online success! Learn and discover the power of a unique and thoughtfully designed brand and website. This will give you the foundation of the online business you have dreamed of.

Live classes

If you need help going through the modules, we are here for you! We offer live classes in which Max will guide you through the course, so you can be sure that your brand design, website, and marketing plan will work.

Do it yourself course

If you prefer to make the course on your own, you can also choose to do the course yourself at your own speed. If you have any questions, you can always book a call or email support.

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