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How to Create Beautiful Newsletters

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A beautiful newsletter is a great way to keep your customers engaged. By using graphic icons, headers, lines, and shapes, you can make your message stand out. You can also synchronize the content, images, and background colors. Using a branded header is another way to make your newsletters look professional. 

Synchronize the content, images, and background colors

One of the best ways to make your email marketing efforts stand out from the crowd is to have a streamlined, visually appealing design. This can be accomplished with a few simple steps. First, choose the appropriate fonts and font sizes for your main headings and subheadings. Next, if you have the option, delete extra columns and content. Finally, consider adding background colors to draw the reader’s eye to specific elements. While a splashy background might draw more attention to your message, it can also look out of place. 


You might be surprised to find out that most email clients, including Gmail, turn off images until the recipient gives permission. If yours isn’t as generous, consider replacing images with alt text. Or, if you’re into the whole visual design thing, use a tool such as Adobe Photoshop to mock up a mockup for your newsletter. 

Use graphic icons, headers, lines, and shapes

When creating an email newsletter, consider using graphic icons, headers, lines, and shapes to make your message more attractive and engaging. These elements are essential for attracting attention. They can also create a visual framework for your web interactions. You can use them to highlight key content or to draw the viewer’s eye to a particular call-to-action. 


For example, Apple’s newsletter features a central focus on a product. The design also uses white space, bold pops of color, and a simple structure. 


JetBlue breaks up a large block of text with a graphic icon and proper spacing. Its design also includes a slow reveal of the main type. This creates a clean, sharp look. 


Banana Republic also plays with scroll-and-skim action. Its email is a celebration of Halloween. It also features a monochromatic design and a playful call-to-action link. 

Display all your products in a single frame

When designing beautiful newsletters, it’s important to make sure you’re utilizing the right elements to attract your audience’s attention. The most obvious way to do this is with a well-designed, clean header. Using the right colors and fonts will help keep your brand’s image intact and your readers’ attention. Also, remember that whitespace is key. It will make your text easier to read. 


Another trick is to use a graphic or a gif to highlight certain parts of your email. GIFs work especially well in social media graphic design, but they also work in the context of a newsletter. If you’re a bit of a data geek, you may want to try using a chart or graph. 


A good newsletter should also have a curated gift list. These items should be strategically placed to capture the attention of your audience, but you can’t overdo it. 

Add a branded header

One of the best things you can do for your email newsletters is add a branded header. An effective header can draw attention and make a big impact on the reader. It should be simple and straightforward, yet enticing and eye-catching. There are a few key steps to ensure you’re creating an awesome header. 


First, you’ll need a logo. Make sure it’s consistent with your brand style. You might want to use a handwritten font for your header, which will jump off the page. 


Next, consider your color scheme. A good color scheme will include your brand’s primary colors, plus accents. Alternating colors can create a visual hierarchy and help customers navigate your email newsletter. 


Lastly, consider adding images to your header. Images are a great way to liven up an email newsletter template. They can be used in conjunction with text, or alone. 

Make it stand out as a designer

When creating newsletters, the designer must be able to deliver the most important information while keeping the readers attention. A well-designed email can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. In addition, it gives you the chance to test out different designs and see what works best for your business. If you’re not sure what to include, you can always check out an email newsletter template. 


As with any marketing campaign, the most successful email newsletters feature an enticing subject line and eye-catching design. You may also want to consider a branded header, a feature that can be easily accomplished using Canva. This graphical design tool allows you to create a logo that will appear at the top of each and every email you send out.

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