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The course to work remotely, and travel the world

The ultimate digital nomade course

You believe in the total package, a new start. In this online course, you will learn how to create a unique brand identity, online marketing plan, and become a webmaster of your own developed website, without the extreme cost of an agency.


The global manual can be done both live and remotely. In our live course, Maxime guides you through the chapters & modules, all at your pace.


Important: The price does NOT include the Elementor PRO license (€49/year) as well as the cost of hosting (Around €60/year)

After this course you will master


We believe in our online courses, and that they offer you the growth you deserve. That’s why we offer a “try guarantee” that allows you to see the first video of any workout you want to do. If for any reason it does not meet your requirements, we will give you a 100% refund.


We check whether you have really only watched 1 video (i.e., have not downloaded any work/guide sheets and whether you have watched more videos). If that is really the case, you will receive a refund from us within 48 hours.

This course includes


Course content

Part 1 - Visual Identity & Marketing

Part 2 - Create your website