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Are you ready to become a digital nomad and
escape the 9-5 lifestyle?

Start the digital nomad challenge, travel the world, taste new cultures, meet new people and experience the journey that you only see on nature documentaries.


Nomade Academy offers online courses as well as one on one coaching by our mentors with over 3 years of digital nomad experience. This is how you develop yourself into a true online entrepreneur.

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Become an online entrepreneur with our online courses.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to start the digital nomad lifestyle, to drop all society habits and discover a new world where you determine your workplace, working hours and hourly wage.


You’re not alone! We and other students also went for you and made the step towards ultimate freedom. In our online courses and on and coaching, we teach you what you need to become an online entrepreneur.

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Discover the online courses that fits your journey

All our online courses can also be done through one on one coaching. Discover which course best suits the digital nomad journey you want to make.

Meet the digital nerds of Nomade Academy

A small introduction, we are Iris and Maxime, and we have been allowed to call ourselves digital nomads for more than 3 years, or as we like to call it “modern hippies”. Over the years we have been able to work together building websites and creating creative graphic illustrations for our company IM NOMADE.


Every day we meet new people and there is a question that keeps coming back. How can you travel full time? Our answer, we have a remote company, so we are free from location to work. And this often sounds like music to the ears for many, maybe for you too!


That is why we founded NOMADE ACADEMY in which we help passionate adventure seekers to start a remote business and earn money anywhere in the world.

Adventure seekers who came before you

Not sure yet, you deserve the journey of a lifetime? Read the reviews of our adventurous student, and let them clear your doubts!

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Thank you, Maxime, for the life coaching and the start-up of my online business 🤩! Very clear videos to maintain my own website.
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More than an online course! Thanks to the professional quote template, I can now send business proposals to customers without any worries.
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During the course, the mentor took the time to help me with not only building a website, but also setting up an e-shop. This allows me to sell my products and take care of the baby from home. 👍