We are not offering any refund for our courses.

Additional non-returnable items:

  • Gift cards
  • Licences you have buy for following the course, like Elementor Pro, Crocoblock, or Hosting services.


Switch courses

You have buy a course, and you want to switch to another one? That’s possible, contact us at hello@nomade-academy.com

Please write with the email you have use for buy the course, and explain on wich course you want to go.

  • The course you desire is more expensive : you will receive an email with a link for paid the difference
  • The course you desire is less expensive :
    • You will receive an email for buy first the course that you want.
    • Once is done, you will be fully refund to your last course.

Switch course is possible until the beguining of our course “Iris & Maxime ” have start.


Need help?

Contact us at hello@nomade-academy.com for questions related to refunds and returns.